drive = journey

drive = to steer

drive = motivation


Drive communications is your partner on the journey  to internationalization.

Whether you need to polish your English language skills and/or explore cross-cultural communication, we are there to steer  you in the right direction.

It’s not about memorizing a list of words.  It’s not about do’s and don’ts in a foreign culture.  It’s about maintaining the motivation  to develop your verbal and non-verbal skills in our global world.

Come along for the ride!

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Smush words


I learned a new word today: agglutinative. Little did I know that there exists an impressive word for what I have always called smush words. It describes a characteristic of the Finnish language where you can create more detailed meaning by building directly onto the root word. This may explain the fewer but longer words in a Finnish sentence. Let’s take the photo above. Two smaller words have been smushed into one: keittiö (kitchen) and tölkki (jar).

What would take a whole sentence in English to express – I wonder if I should sit down for a while? – can be handled quickly with one word in Finnish.

blogsitawhileNow that is Finnish efficiency.