drive = journey

drive = to steer

drive = motivation


Drive communications is your partner on the journey  to internationalization.

Whether you need to polish your English language skills and/or explore cross-cultural communication, we are there to steer  you in the right direction.

It’s not about memorizing a list of words.  It’s not about do’s and don’ts in a foreign culture.  It’s about maintaining the motivation  to develop your verbal and non-verbal skills in our global world.

Come along for the ride!

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If countries were punctuation marks


When comparing written correspondence in Finland and the USA, there is something that always strikes me – the use of the exclamation point (!). I am used to seeing it reserved for informal writing where the writer wants to add a ‘punch’. It is almost like a shout – hey, look here!

In Finland, I have often seen it used in formal communication with strangers. It seems to be a way to lighten up a stuffy situation.

It is an interesting contradiction. If countries were punctuation marks, I would assign the exclamation point (!) to the USA -the land where the extremes of good and bad can be found. I would assign the comma (,) to Finland – the land where it is common to pause, think, and then act.

Which country would you assign the period (.), slash (/) or question mark (?)